Mediation is the process whereby parties who are involved in a dispute meet together with a neutral third party in order to resolve their issues without expensive and time-consuming litigation. Depending on the case, the mediator is chosen by the parties or selected by a judge. Mediators have no authority to make court orders or decide issues. Their role is to guide the parties and offer suggestions as needed so the parties can come to a mutual agreement resolving their dispute.

Mediation has proven to be very successful. In some Texas counties, an attempt at mediation is mandatory for all disputes, particularly in the area of family law. F. Brice Hersom is a trained Texas mediation lawyer. He has years of experience in helping people come to mutual agreements to resolve their disputes in civil, commercial and family law.

Mediation saves money. There is no need for attorneys to prepare and file with the court numerous motions and no need to make numerous court appearances. It saves time in that the parties can come to an agreement outside of court and do not have to wait for a court date sometime in the distant future within a court system that is over-loaded with a full calendar.

Family law mediation

In addition to saving time and money, mediation in family law reduces hostility between the parties and keeps them in control of the decisions. With the assistance of the mediator, they make their own decisions about property division, spousal and child support, child custody and visitation. They are more likely to abide by an agreement they worked out together as opposed to court-ordered terms they object to.

Civil and commercial litigation

The Hersom Law Firm, serving Montgomery County & Harris County, has a high rate of success in all areas of mediation. Many types of civil and commercial cases are suitable for mediation whether they involve employer/employee disputes, disagreement over the terms of a contract, disagreements over the interpretation of a partnership agreement or any other dispute arising from doing business.