Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Being convicted of a crime has dire, life-changing consequences not only for you, but for your family members. You may be sent to prison and have a stringent fine imposed. Even if you are able to avoid prison, the conviction will likely stay on your record forever. You may lose your job and find it almost impossible to find another one. You may lose your home and your family. The very act of having to defend yourself is overwhelming. Read More

Family Law

At the Hersom Law Firm, we know how difficult family law situations can become. The ending of a marriage is a challenge for anyone. When you add in questions of child custody, visitation rights or alimony, things can quickly become messy and emotionally draining. Our firm is here to assist people like you through these hard times, however. You can rest assured that no matter how tough the legal battle, we will represent you to the fullest extent of our abilities. Read More

Firearms Law/Gun Trusts/NFA

Whether you own a single weapon for home defense or you own a Federal Firearms License, or FFL, a thorough understanding of the various state and federal gun laws in the United States is essential. At Hersom Law Firm we represent individuals and companies in Montgomery County & Harris County Texas on gun related legal issues. Read More


Mediation is the process whereby parties who are involved in a dispute meet together with a neutral third party in order to resolve their issues without expensive and time-consuming litigation. Depending on the case, the mediator is chosen by the parties or selected by a judge. Mediators have no authority to make court orders or decide issues. Their role is to guide the parties and offer suggestions as needed so the parties can come to a mutual agreement resolving their dispute. Read More


Attorney F. Brice Hersom, of The Hersom Law Firm, understands that estate planning is the best way to ensure your assets and property. This is the only way to know that your estate is will be taken care of in the manner you wish, and not distributed by a stranger appointed in Probate Court. Will, trusts and other estate planning documents help you not only with your retirement planning, but they are essential if you are ever incapacitated and certainly after you pass away. Read More